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Award Winning Option Software: 3 Easy to Use Programs.  Tested in the real world.  Profitable.

Option Master: Award-winning software, finalist, semifinalist & honorable mention 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 Reader Choice Awards, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine

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The Push Button Option Trader  Make Profitable Put and Call Buying Decision in Seconds

Option Master Deluxe  Discover Profitable Under and Over Priced Options... Calculate Volatility and Percent to Double...  Lower Your Risk... Simulate Stock Moves for More Certain Profits... More

Option Master 2000  Identical to Option Master Deluxe but with an Important Added Feature:  You Can Download Options Chains to Make Faster, More Complete Decision.

The Push Button Option Trader

A revolutionary program that gives you instant options analysis and recommendations at the push of a button!

If you`d like to: 

* Find the best option to buy 
* Know exactly when to take profits 
* When to take a loss 
* Close out your position...  

All at the push of a button, please read on...

It`s Done with Artificial Intelligence

Ken Trester, an experienced and professional options trader for more than 20 years, has created a computer program that will help you simplify and improve your options trading.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, all you need to do is enter two numbers in this amazingly easy to run program.

If you can enter two numbers and if you can push the enter button on your computer, you can begin trading faster and potentially a lot more profitably.

I`ve been in the investment business nearly 20 years and this program is by far the easiest and fastest to operate.

All you need to do is decide which stock you want to trade options on. Then you enter the stock`s price and the option price... push a button and the program goes to work telling you:

* When to buy * When to sell * Your likely profit, if any * Your possibility of a loss * A mathematical rating of the option trade.

This program is so smart it even recommends the strike price you should use. It`s practically a no-brainer.

Is this program for everyone?  No.

First, you need to have a Windows-based computer.  Second, you need to be willing to trade options based on stocks of your own choosing.  Third, you must be the type of trader that occasionally likes to "go it alone."

If you meet those three qualifications you just might benefit and profit with this lightening quick options program.

What Exactly Does the Program Do?

After you`ve entered the stock and the option price you click the "Generate Profit Box" button.

Give your computer about 20 seconds and it draws a box extending out 15 trading days. The Profit Box shows all of the points over the next 15 days you should take a profit or a loss. It gives you the delta. It gives you the implied volatility.

It also gives you the expected future value of the option (your potential profit or loss). And it gives you the percentage probability of profit or loss and a numerical rating of the option -- 100 or more and you`ve got a great trade.

It even gives you the exact language to tell your broker when you enter or close a trade.

Why does it work so well? Two reasons -- Ken has put two decades of options trading experience into it, and, like options, it is mathematically based -- this program does the math for you.

Order for $195.00 Risk Free:  Use and profit from Push Button Option Trader for 30 days risk free.  If you are unhappy in any way return it for a full product refund.

Option Master Deluxe

An Easy to Use Program to Discover Under and Over Priced Options - Beat the Market Makers

The key to success in the options game is price.  

Unless you know if an option is truly a bargain you cannot win!  Bargain hunters who consider price first and foremost are the ones who consistently win the options game.  

Options market professionals ALWAYS use pricing formulas.

They`re constantly on the lookout for underpriced and overpriced options.  

So it makes sense that YOU need an options pricing formula that gives you that insider`s edge.  Option Master Deluxe does this.  It helps you determine whether a stock or index option is over- or underpriced, stacking the odds in your favor when you buy or sell options.

And, get this: Option Master Deluxe also calculates your probability of profit!  

That means your uncertainty is reduced, letting you trade options objectively, just like the pros do.  Better yet, this is no pie-in-the-sky trading system.  

Option Master Deluxe is based on years of research, computer- simulated trading and the actual market experience of an options pro.

Here`s more good news!

Unlike other pricing programs, when you use Option Master Deluxe you don`t have to access expensive data bases nor incur high telephone charges.  

Just a few simple entries into the program enables you to easily evaluate all options for a whole series of stocks within a few minutes.

Option Master Deluxe does all this for you:

**  Calculates the fair value of stock, index and commodity options...

**  Calculates the price volatility for stocks, indexes and commodities - the key to option pricing... 

**  Calculates your probability of profit if you buy or write options, or if you enter an options strategy... 

**  Tells you what will happen to your position in the future using "what if" analysis...

**  Creates profitable spreads and straddles

Option Master Deluxe also has these features...

**  Calculates the implied volatility for stock, index and futures options...

**  Calculates delta, gamma, theta and vega... 

**  Calculates the fair value for long-term options...  

Option Master Deluxe also offers you two more important features:  

**  A stock simulator which allows you to mathematically determine the likelihood that a stock will move up or down to a strike price at any time before expiration...

 **  A percent-to-double feature that allows you to determine how much a stock must move for the options to double in price.

If you`re serious about making money in options, you can`t afford to be without Option Master Deluxe.

Order for $249.00 Risk Free:  Use and profit from Option Master Deluxe for 30 days risk free.  If you are unhappy in any way return it for a full product refund.

Option Master 2000

Now You Can Download Thousands of Options with Option Master 2000 and Trade Like a Pro...

Option Master 2000 contains all of the same great features of Option Master Deluxe that are listed above but also downloads thousands of quotes from Signal or Quote.Com.  

This download feature gives you the freedom to search for thousands of options trades in a matter of minutes.  

Option Master 2000 rivals software programs that sell for thousands!

Option Master 2000 gives you the edge you need in the options markets. It helps you determine whether a stock or index option is over or underpriced, stacking the odds in your favor when you buy or sell options.

ut here`s the best news!  At a fraction of the cost of other high priced download programs you can get the same advantage as many of the professional floor traders!

Order for $395.00 Risk Free:  Use and profit from Option Master 2000 for 30 days risk free.  If you are unhappy in any way return it for a full product refund.

Option Master(R) for Windows(TM) requires an IBM compatible 386 or higher computer and Microsoft Windows(TM) 3.0 or higher, with an EGA or VGA monitor.  IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.  Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.  Option Master is a registered trademark of the Institute for Options Research Inc.